Seagas Governor

3,500 m³ LPG Carrier

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Ship Basic Information
Builders Fukuoka Shipping Co., Japan / March 1983
Type LPG Carrier, semi-refrigerated
Flag Cyprus
Port of registry Limassol
Classification 100 A1, Liquified Gas Carrier, type 2PG, max pressure 7 kg/cm2, min temp -45dC, with 4 independents spherical cargo tanks type C
Vessel Specific Information
Summer Deadweight (mt)
Lightweight (mt)
Seagas General 8219932 Mar 1983 4,563.29 2,986.05
Dimension and Main Data
Length o. a. 105.62 m
Length b.p. 96.91 m
Breadth max. 17.60 m
Depth moulded 7.70 m
Distance keel - top antenna 32.00 m
Mean draft in sea water on sfb 5.91 m
Speed loaded with LPG (max. bft 2) 12.5 kn
GT 4,658 t
NT 1,397 t
Tank Capacity
IFO 180 732.47 m³ (98%)
MGO 183.76 m³ (98%)
Fresh water 231.20 m³
Water ballast 1,403.79 m³
Cargo Capacity
Tank Volume 100% Volume 98%
1 884.243 m³ 866.558 m³
2 884.527 m³ 866.836 m³
3 883.772 m³ 866.097 m³
4 883.347 m³ 865.680 m³
Total 3,535.889 m³ 3,465.171 m³
Liquefied Gases for Type II PG Carrier
Ammonia, anhydrous Ethyl chloride Propane  
Butadiene Ethylene oxide Propylene  
Butane Isoprene Propylene oxide  
Butane-propane mixtures Methyl acetylee-propadiene mixtures Vinyl chloride  
Butylenes Pentanes (all isomers)    
Cargo Tanks Characteristics
Number of Tanks 4
Type of Tanks 2PG Independent Type C
Construction Material Carbon Manganese Steel
Min. allowable temperature -45°C
Max. allowable relief valve setting 7.0 bar gauge
Max. vacuum -0.05 Bar
Max. rate of cool down 10°C/hour
Max. cargo specific density 0.970
Cargo Pumps
Pumps Deepwell Booster
Number 4 2
Maker Pres-Vac Engineering A/S (1,2), Niigata Worthington Co. Ltd (3,4) Niigata Worthington Co. Ltd
Model EL-GAS 100-4/315 (1,2) / 12M-90-6-I (3,4) 4HNNTS-112
Max. density kg/m³ 0.970 0.970
Capacity m³/h nominal 150 150
At Delivery Head mlc 120 m liquid column 120 m liquid column
Location Tank dome Compressor room
Speed RPM 1,760 3,550
Driven by El. motor El. motor
Cargo Compressors
 Type Vertical, single bore, double action, water cooled
Number 2
Maker Mikuni Jukogyo Co Ltd
Model DNL-710HB2G4ST2
Oil free Yes
Hose Handling Gears
Number of Cranes 2
Maker Kawasaki Heavy Industry Ltd
Capacity 1500 kg each
MachineryMain engine
Type Akasaka 6UEC 37/88H
Power 2870 kW @ 210 RPM
  Auxillary engine
Number 3
Type Yanmar S185L-UT
Power 360 kW @ 900 RPM
Grade fuel used MGO
Bowthruster No
Fuel consumption per day at full speed at LPG-Draft (Bft 2)
At sea about 8.6 mt IFO 180 / 0.9 mt MGO
At sea with cargo cooling about 8.6 mt IFO 180 / 2.0 mt MGO
In port, loading LPG about 1.9 mt MGO
In port discharging about 3.0 mt MGO
Boiler at sea heating by means of exhaust gas